Westworld Season 2, Episode 8: (G)hosting

Finally! This comes almost two seasons too late and what a journey it is. It makes Watsonian and Doylist concepts fight to the death over ownership of the Ghost Nation name and it gives us exposition through an actual story rather than monologues.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

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-The Ghost Nation religion continues to fascinate me, because we’re never outright told whether they’re programmed to weave part of reality they’re forced to forget into religious imagery or whether this was part of their journey into consciousness. It also brings up uncomfortable racial issues the show still hasn’t addressed. Are the native tribespeople “special” within the show’s narrative, or just forgotten by their creators? We’ve seen plenty of administrative failures, but nothing quite to the scale of an entire group of hosts starting their own religion and then later on their own sort of self-aware tribe.

-Ford’s involvement has no doubt something to do with the later, since he gives leave to Akecheta to pursue the door after his passing, but based on Ford’s age this takes place several years after his initial awakening and the Ghost Nation tales about the underworld.

-As much as I can’t get behind the trope of humans turning evil the moment they are given the freedom to do so without repercussions, I’m a sucker for the trope that involves hosts awakening because of love, and I’m so glad we got Akacheta’s story include that instead of trauma. Maeve giving him her heart (:her daughter in case you didn’t get that) was just the cherry on top of this heartfelt sundae. (sidenote: as a person who struggles to be mean in video games because fictional friends might have hurt feeling over it, the entire Westworld concept seems wiiild)

-A dying figure, with near-supernatural powers, travels to the underworld to free her people from the shackles of death, allowing them free will and a true knowing of their maker. Maeve has been robot Jesus all along as I’ve been telling y’all.

-Dolores’ title of death-bringer is so apt given last episode. She really tried to reach her full potential, bless her destructive little soul.

-I love that William’s pursuing yet another story that was never meant for him.

-Logan Delos being part of the reason anyone found themselves is ridiculous. It also makes me very happy in its almost unreal state, cause wise desert shaman Logan is not, but he somehow fulfilled that role.

-What does Grace plan to do about her father? Will Dolores be the one to finally end him? Is his sickness a human/mental one? Or has he been hacked? (I love this theory in all its improbability. Let me have this small hope.)

-Ford is going to use the Ghost Nation revolution to make his way out of the park into the real world, this entire thing has been about granting him immortality. He is evil.

-Solid, solid use of Nirvana.

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