Westworld Season 2, Episode 9: Happy Father’s Day

This week, watch as all my Teddie jokes look me straight in the face before destroying me from the inside out. Also it was quite an episode to release on Father’s Day. Here’s hoping it was on purpose. (And unless I’m mistaken Game of Thrones did something similar one year… or not?)

Westworld Season 2, Episode 9 Recap

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-So far the show has focused on the hosts awakening because of traumatic things they had happen to them. I was pleased they’d finally chosen a different narrative with Akecheta and love last week. One could also argue that Maeve’s true awakening was returning to save her daughter. While I’d have prefered to mellow in more of that, Bernard breaking this week was interesting in a similar vein. He was reacting to the trauma of being forced to commit evil upon something that is innocent, something that should not be harmed, but instead cherished. He chooses to see the good in the world, and in Elsie, despite Ford’s constant orders to harm.

-I said William was a robot. I stand by this though I don’t know what version of him is or was a robot, or even if the show is going to go that way canonically. They’ll certainly have to answer for how the heck he’s still alive after the shots he’s taken.

-Honestly the thing I most want cleared in the finale was Emily’s motivation. She clearly knew why her mother ended things. Did she want confirmation that what Juliet saw was true? Was she using her father to get her mother back? What is the truth there?

-The show had turned Teddy dying into a meme. He died so many times, one didn’t think his final death would strike a chord, yet to die of his own free will is one of the most tragic things the writers have come up with and I was right there with Dolores. I hope it makes her rethink certain things.

-For all my hate of Ford, Anthony Hopkins kills it, and his scene with Maeve was great. I just wish Thandie Newton was given more to work with than a few reaction shots. The two actors felt on par and they hadn’t even writen her any lines. Think of the possibilities.

-I’ve meant to say this a few times now, but the production design and DP crews have really been on point this season. Firstly, everything’s well lit even when it’s supposed to be dark, so that you can still see rather than guess what’s going on (*cough* game of thrones *cough*). Then you have the play of light around characters like William and Dolores. Really I just appreciate the fun they’re having even when it’s kinda cruel, like the shadow of his hand taking the place of Dolores’ gun and lining up perfectly with center of that poor Ghost Nation follower’s forehead.

-Speaking of the Ghost Nation, I know they’re more “spiritual”, but why on earth or a moon we know this doesn’t take place on, have they not picked up better weapons by now? Seriously.

-It is devastating to see Clementine regressing again. I hope their new weapon turns against them fast.

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