Westworld Season 2, Episode 10: Are YOU a Host?

The show has got to stop sacrificing character motivation at the altar of plot twists. We won’t care about the plot twists if they happen around nonsensical creatures merely there to further plot, no matter the cost to character development or core drives.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 10 Recap

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-Don’t get me wrong. There were good things about this episode. Great things even. But the bad was so bad (while needing very little work to become good), that I ended up disliking the finale even though I appreciated most of the season.

-Let’s start off positively. There were some powerful, beautiful scenes of epic proportions: the bulls charging, that first shot of Clementine spearheading the Delos attack, Maeve’s corpse smiling as her little girl ran into paradise, Akecheta reuniting with Kohana. Even sad scenes including Teddy being the little spoon to Dolores’ destroyer of worlds, or Teddy being sent alone to a place he can’t possibly be happy in without Dolores, at least for a long time.

-Monologues are good when used sparingly and to reveal character motivation or to inspire. My problem with both Ford and now Dolores, is that there’s too much platitude, very little substance, and even less character-related exposition. It’s worse with Dolores because I liked her last season, and this season she may have her moments, but they’re stained by the miasma of meaningless monologues. (She and Teddy really suffered from Cersei and Jaime syndrome.)

-Bernard tried hard to be good this entire season and seemed completely justified in killing Dolores despite all that. What I don’t understand is why he decided to bring her back? Did he think he needed a Charlotte to kill a Charlotte? Pun intended.

-Why did Dolores bring Bernard back? Why does she need him? Why’d she send Teddy to a place she declared a lie even though she could have smuggled him out? It’s one thing to tease the next season (like William and Emily) and it’s another thing entirely to promise an explanation to bizarre character choices based on nothing but scout’s honor.

-I did not expect to have one (1) feeling for Lee Sizemore, but here we are. Yes his death was poetic, but the two minutes he cut the pursuing task force off couldn’t have realistically made any difference no matter what the show would have you believe.

-The biggest part foul by far was Maeve not using her powers from the moment she sprung herself out to the bitter end. There could have been a story reason for that: she could have been blocked by Delos, they could have created a more powerful virus in Clementine, she could have just arrived too late. Instead she did nothing but run. Weak writing sauce.

-Really, this is how it was set up, to borrow from another genre: Woman slowly gains superpowers, is captured and restrained. Said superpowers are copied from her DNA and transferred to someone who used to be her protege, someone she loved and wanted to protect, and is now a vacant brainwashed weapon. They meet on the field of battle. Our heroine does nothing? I demand satisfaction.

-That being said, I absolutely adore the fact that Maeve and Co are coming back next season cause Felix goshdarn loves her to hell and back.

-Giancarlo? Where are you?

It has been an honor and a joy to do these! Have a frosty one folks and if you want a better show about moral relativism and free will watch The Good Place. See y’all next season!

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