Star Trek Discovery – Season 2, Episode 1: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

This was a smashing start to a new season, which makes me hopeful we get a lighter set of fun adventures and some interesting character development. There are also a bunch of unanswered questions related both to the overarching plot and the individual characters and I for one am all for it.

Star Trek Discovery – Season 2, Episode 1

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-I absolutely adore the fact that the show is tapping into Spock’s extreme empathy and strong emotional resonance. He has always been a character with an overabundance of feelings, no matter what Bones or certain fans may think. Also baby Spock is the cutest and I dearly want to pinch his cheeks and read him a good story. His nightmares being messages from the universe has a beautiful fairytale edge to it, and I’m excited to see if his drawing will become a reality somewhere down the line.

-Pike as an angel was another magical note in an episode full of them. Speaking of notes and hard-earned segways, I’d love to think that the seven signals are seven musical notes. There were several allusions to music throughout the episode and we know Spock’s an accomplished musician. Music and mathematics are often linked, and I just love the idea that the universe is speaking to them through melody. (This is unlikely, but I’m a dreamer.)

-Michael’s relationship with Sarek seems to be less contentious. They bond over family and Sarek actually offers parental guidance when Michael is ready, which is a step in the right direction considering their past interactions.

-I’m hesitantly enjoying Pike. I have either strongly disliked or been fairly unimpressed by him in previous incarnations, so this is a happy day. He has a lot of pep in his step, commands respect without being overbearing, and is just the right level of charming. I also can’t help but love a man who knows his limitations and enthusiastically embraces anyone offering up solutions. I also thoroughly enjoyed the moments of awkwardness surrounding the abdication of the chair both literally and metaphorically.

-The entire crew is coming together nicely. They all teamed up in a life or death situation and later on for asteroid capturing shenanigans, which is a great Star Trek balance. Smart of the writers to have everyone on the bridge sound off. Simple and effective.

-Don’t know what all the hoopla about the uniform designs was or is. I liked the original series for what it said, not what it looked like. That being said I would rather more shows nowadays embraced ToS’ colorful look instead of presenting a constant dirge of greys.

-I love how Tilly is speaking up and taking charge, while still being an absolute goofball.

-Is Lorca coming back? I don’t know. The fortune certainly suggests so. Jason Isaacs is welcome to come aboard any time.

Small note going forward: due to scheduling, Netflix International gets the episodes later than CBS. I’m going to try to post before the new episode originally airs, but it might not be possible. Also, I will probably take a break from Discovery while the last season of Game of Thrones ends, so please keep that in mind.

Live long and prosper. <3

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