Star Trek Discovery – Season 2, Episode 2: Satisfaction Brought Her Back

I thought there were great things about the episode, but it also highlighted what is often problematic about certain aspects of the worldbuilding in Star Trek. Ideas are simplified, leading to a serious suspense of disbelief in order to manage to enjoy the episode.


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-People coming together and trying to figure out the Truth has been a common thread through history. So the Terralysians (Gods, what a word) attempting to explain what happened to them through the lense of religion is a perfectly realistic thing to do. So far, so good.

-I can also understand how people coming from a world torn by a World War, would seek to find common ground. However, even a basic understanding of theology would point to the different religions having certain insurmountable philosophical differences. Not perhaps in so far as how a person should behave, but certainly at the very core of how one approaches the divine. For some it should be questioned, for others celebrated, for others sacrosanct and above reproach. Also -minor gripe- how were less than 11000 people congregated in the same area so religiously diverse?

-Maybe I’m just prejudiced against it cause I hate utopic ideas presenting uniformity as a boon. We should explore and find beauty in our differences (when they are not fundamentally unjust). Plus, there is no way there isn’t bias when conforming to a single philosophy, since some will have to strip away a lot more than others to fit in.

-Moving on to General Order One, I’m really with Michael on this one. Jacob knew. The truth was his religion and they gasslit him within an inch of his mind. Boo to that. From one point onwards it stops being about protecting their society and starts being about treating them like children.

-You might think that all of the above have soured me towards Pike. I still like the guy. You can’t pull a Steve Rogers and fall on a proverbial sword without me -reluctantly in this case- stanning for life.

-I am obsessed with angels. Not in a religious sense, just in their aesthetic and narrative purpose. They change history. They are awesome in beauty and power, have great big hulking wings, order people not to be afraid of them, and blindly follow orders. (Cause the last one of them who dared question his station was cast as the villain for all eternity.)

-I liked that we got a little more insight into who Owosekun is, I need to know more about how she ended up on Discovery. I loved the magnet trick, probably because of some subconscious belief that this will be absolutely essential to my survival one day.

-Saru is turning into a brilliant captain. My lanky boy is nurturing and empathetic, with a very subtle but effective hard edge, and honestly he’s been captaining more than Pike over the past couple of episodes.

-Are dead people growing old in the mycelial network?

-Tilly organises crew movie nights. That’s canon. Just thought you should know.

-I’m stoked we’re getting some Klingon goodness next ep.

Live long and prosper. <3

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