Star Trek Discovery – Season 2, Episode 3 Recap: Mommy Dearest

This had the unmistakable feel of a bridge episode. Important things happened and new information was brought to light, but with the exception of the Klingon plot thread, everything else just left me wanting more. The Klingon part also left me wanting more, though not in a good way.


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-Call me shallow but I just hate the new Klingon look. Looooathe it even. However, that’s really just a minor gripe. L’rell having a child was forced. It was jammed into the story which resulted in the storyline having very little emotional resonance since it was over within an episode. The baby was adorable, don’t get me wrong, and stellar acting made me care, but it seems wasteful to use something so promisingly impactful with no build-up and no earned repercussions.

-We could have had an entire season of struggles at court that resulted in what we saw in episode 3. To add insult to injury, I did not appreciate the moral of the story: that a female leader must stand alone forever if she wants to hope for respect. Fork that.

-Enough grumbling though, because the episode had a lot of things I’m genuinely excited to see develop. First and foremost I’m glad Amanda gets to be her own person, with flaws, who apparently has a penchant for defying the rules. It was interesting to see her relationship with Michael and her regrets about Spock and I’m hoping we get a lot more of her.

-The Emperor (as Tyler kept reminding us all) had quite an entrance, and much as I hate what Sector 31 stands for, I sure as heck can’t wait to see what she and Tyler get up to.

-Tilly’s little mushroom friend is also an excellent thread. I was astonished at how fast she went from slightly inconvenient adorable mind-buddy to full on life-threatening problem. Her taking on the body of a deceased teenager whose appearance Tilly has a different memory of is an intriguing point I hope they don’t let go of, while at the same time not making Stamets’ experience of Hugh some sort of mycelial fever dream.

-We get a little bit more info on the Red Angels and quite a reveal about Michael and Spock’s childhood in one fell swoop. I’m not going to question the existence of logic extremists logicking their way around to irrationally exploding schools, though I’d love to have more insight into how that affected the whole family.

-My achy breaky heart suffered upon learning that tiny pyjama clad Spock was hurt so deeply by his sister who in turn was trying to protect him from her own trauma. I had assumed it happened when they were both older. The whole trope of distancing yourself from others for their own good is so overused it shouldn’t be so effective. More than discovering everything about the angels I hope Spock can reconcile with his sister.

-The Red Angel possibly “saving” Michael in the past and the present, might point to her being the target of the signals whereas Spock is a mere conduit.

Live long and prosper. <3

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