Star Trek Discovery – Season 2, Episode 4: Knocking on Heaven’s Door

So many significant things happened concerning so many people over so short a time frame, that it’s honestly a miracle this was in any way coherent. The end result is a good episode heavily courting disaster.


Star Trek Discovery – Season 2, Episode 4: Knocking on Heaven’s Door

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-We had a chase and an impediment, while also having one of the crew members close to death as a direct result of that impediment. It’s all well and good until the fiasco in engineering, cause while the different parts are good individually they do not gel well together. I wish they’d saved engineering for another episode and stuck to a 40min runtime. The universal translator malfunctioning was hilarious. I could have had an entire episode of just that.

-Saru’s arc within the episode is beautiful. He and Michael have some heart-wrenching scenes, and his willingness to fight until the end proved that he was not just giving up (something I wish people had pointed out). He takes care of others if not himself and he is a hero. Loved the refugee aspect of his story and was a wreck after his description of how other people’s stories made him able to love more, stronger, better. It is for me, what the magic of Star Trek is all about.

-The crew standing up as he was carried off the bridge, Michael telling him she’s alive because of him, every single conversation they had about his homeland is season finale caliber, so I can’t even fathom how much harder they’re going to hit us a few episodes down the line. I’m excited to see a new Saru, one that no longer feels the cold breath of Death on the nape of his neck every time those ganglia emerge.

-Minor point of order, I forgive the federation’s general lack of medical info on the Kelpians considering Saru was their only source of information and he was reluctant to provide any at that. However, hormone levels aren’t the most difficult thing in the world to adjust even today, so I’m going to pretend I don’t think this entire thing could have been avoided with a few med adjustments.

-Reno and Stamets are a dynamic I’m desperate to see more of since they are so different while at the same time obviously working very well together. She’s prone to thinking outside the box and taking risks and that is something Stamets has been known to do. He’s an eccentric scientist with way too much grant money and big dreams; she’s a grease monkey forced to be a field medic in the eye of a storm. *chef’s kiss*

-I know we’re all worried about Tilly, but again, this has the gravitas of a season finale cliffhanger, so I hope this has actual consequences and isn’t resolved within an episode.

-I enjoyed Number One’s brief scene, though I hope we have more of her in the future. Especially liked reference to the Enterprise’s engineer loving the ship more than anyone ever could, cause I could just hear someone with a Scottish brogue yelling “Challenge accepted, lassie!”

Live long and prosper. <3

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