Star Trek Discovery – Season 2, Episode 5: Into the Mushroomverse

I think the show has finally found its balance, setting the characters where they are supposed to be, and bringing us all a sense of closure without presenting an end. Other than the potential reappearance of Lorca, Season 1’s loose ends are well and truly tied and we can move on with our lives.

Star Trek Discovery – Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

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-So far the show has been excellent at allowing characters to hold on to grudges. Michael doesn’t lower her weapon upon seeing Georgiou. Stamets falters when Tyler enters the room. Pike uses rules to be deliciously petty in the face of those who would flaunt them. It also allows them love and vulnerability. For all her apparent stoicism, Michael offers and receives comfort from so many of her found family. Stamets reaches out his hand to a man who loves him so much he would risk death by a million spores rather than see him corrupting his ideals. Even when I don’t enjoy the story, I’m allowed to indulge in beautiful relationships between flawed people.

-Therefore, I know the show could have done a better job reaching May and Tilly’s pinky promise. There was too much possession, lying, and abducting, for us to reach wistful understandings of intimacy beyond what anyone has experienced in the known universe.

-Props to the writers for making Pike lawful good in an interesting way. It has been done before, by Star Trek especially, but the point is topical.

-The mycelial network is beautiful and I hope we visit it again, since for all its supposed wonders and mysteries, this episode was mostly concerned with its cycle of life and death. We could have been lost in it for much longer.

-I love unburying my gays. Adore it even. So much so that I’m going to excuse its execution, which in this case holds both meanings of the word. Suffice it to say that sci-fi usually goes one of two directions: absurdly well-researched and usually adequately explained science, or deus ex machina science one plays around with in order to get intended plot devices. You’ll never guess what Discovery used.

-I have to say though, that the poet in me was euphoric at the implication that Stamets’ love conquered not only death, but a world within which everything is consumed and repurposed.

-Being a mostly ToS kid, Section 31 as a concept has always rubbed me the wrong way. I like to enjoy my utopias without the revelation that there’s a dagger in the dark allowing it to exist. Space!C.I.A. is never a good look, even if they do look good. However, I’m so far enjoying Discovery’s spin on it. Other than employing Georgiou, they just seem pathological about learning everyone’s secrets and remaining mysterious. Their values clash nicely with Pike’s lawful goodness, with neither side losing ground or being straw-manned.

-Possible spoiler: I don’t think Georgiou wants to kill Spock, but she does, however, wish to get to the angels before anyone else.

Live long and prosper. <3

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