Star Trek Discovery – Season 2, Episode 7: Time probe(lem)

This episode had all the elements of the new series at its best. Character development! Past as prologue! Pike being catty! Tilly getting things DONE! The most adorable version of Spock this galaxy has ever seen!

Star Trek Discovery – Season 2, Episode 7: Time probe(lem)

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-I am over the moon about all the new flashbacks to Michael and Spock’s childhood. They are bittersweet and incredibly real. You can feel Michael’s anguish over severing the relationship cause it is clearly important to both characters, but especially Spock. I hope this gets resolved without him forgetting his sister all together. (A sister I am certain he followed into Starfleet no matter what he thinks his motivations were.)

-I have always struggled to embrace Sarek and Amanda’s relationship, since it mirrors marriages where one spouse has complete control over the family’s fate and this is upheld by society. Amanda didn’t seem to have any choice in how her son was raised. Now we see that perhaps she was just not sure about how to raise her son and deferred to Sarek, something she is very open about regretting.  The family dynamics are fascinating; Amanda hides things from her husband fearing his reaction, while at the same time getting in his face about how he handles things. Sarek still gets his way, however, in this instance using Michael to manipulate the situation. Boo.

-Pike was a character I had never warmed up to. Out of all the characters, he always seemed the one most obviously a product of the times the original show was written, in a rather negative way. He hasn’t changed so much as he’s been given nuance and it is interesting how this has made me find him more palatable. In many cases he exemplifies privilege and power and the narrative frames his lack of understanding as objectivity and yet! He is so obviously trying to do his best that I find myself forgiving him. It helps that Tyler has become an excellent counterpart to his lofty rule and hierarchy flaunting.

-Speaking of Tyler, as I’ve said before, I’m enjoying his foray into being the voice of reason. He’s more than Michael’s tragic love-interest, though he is still tragic. I’m really looking forward to an interaction I’ve been spoiled about in the next episode (which I still haven’t seen! Bear with me dear reader.)

-I’m so on board with Georgiou proving what a terrible idea section 31 is. An organization of secrets can only fall because of them. Parts of Michael’s past she herself may not be aware of will inevitably come to light and I for one can’t wait.

-Guilty pleasure of this season are Pike’s interactions with Tilly, because without squinting a whole lot you could say he’s head over heels. His whole face just changes!

Can’t wait to visit Talos again and hopefully catch up to the show cause the past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling like I’m letting you down.

Live long and prosper. <3

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