Star Trek Discovery – Season 2, Episode 12 Review

Michael may have changed her mind about it -and I may wrong in the long run- but I was right there sharing her frustration over everyone’s obsession with the signals.

tl;dw Star Trek Discovery – Season 2, Episode 12 Recap

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-It’s not that the signals couldn’t have been interesting. They had potential that may still be fulfilled. I’ll reserve final judgment till the season finale. However, the writers have failed the signals as they stand. It would be one thing if the mystery had not kept my interest, since there are many other aspects of the show that I enjoy. Unfortunately, things have gotten to a point where I actively resent their apparent importance.

-It seems like the Christie method of writing a compelling mystery: have a reveal in mind and then just throw things at the wall until they paint a path towards it. Don’t get me wrong, it can be done well; Agatha Christie is notoriously good. It’s just that I prefer characters over plot and this set up leaves our intrepid crew just waiting for the plot -the signals- to happen.

-Perhaps I’m just miffed that I can’t for the life of me figure it out like I did last year and am being a very negative about the entire enterprise. (I would never be negative about the Enterprise.)

-Michael’s realization that there’s still a chance to stop Control comes a little late, though promises a more active involvement in the mystery, that is after all, close to being revealed.

-The sibling banter was once again on point. Amanda’s knowledge of goings on, very classified goings on, coming from Spock is adorable, as was his apology for being late in saving her. They are fast building an incredible relationship and I hope we get it for another season, thought I’m afraid time shenanigans will get in that way of that. Worse still, time shenanigans may get in the way of him remembering her.

-I don’t understand why Tenavik has to be connected to our main characters, but he’s a sexy cat nonetheless. I’d like a movie about this monk and his very aggressive fighting style.

-Pike’s sacrifice was beautifully acted, though I’m still unsure about how to feel concerning his end. Also time crystals are mean palantir for not showing the whole truth. [redacted for spoilers]

Sorry to cut this kinda short guys, but I have to sleep for a couple of hours before an early morning, so excuse any and all typos. I’m finally caught up proper. For a few hours until we all see episode 13 at least. :’)

Live long and prosper. <3

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