Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 2 Review

Game of Thrones has often been accused of being glorified fanfiction after we ran out of books to adapt, mainly by this here reviewer. In a bout of hypocrisy, however, I’m about to gush about this episode at length, precisely because it’s fanfiction.

tl;dw Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 2 Recap

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-Let’s get the minor gripes out of the way first. Daenerys used to be a character defined -among other things- by the love she deservedly inspired in others. Like naughty reality producers, the writers are really out to destroy this characterization for no real reason. You can have two women argue without one looking envious of the love and loyalty the other is shown.

-How is the incest being glossed over? I don’t care about the result of the conversation the aunt and nephew should have, I just want there to be one. I can’t bear another Jaime-doesn’t-know-about-Lancel.

-Jaime actually had a conversation with Bran, and thought the staring was hilarious, it needed to happen. I still don’t think Jaime’s trying to redeem himself as much as he’s trying to find himself in the wake of breaking ties with the one constant in his life.

-Brienne defending Jaime has watered my crops and cleared my skin. I wish someone had brought up the fact that Aerys was about to burn down the entire city (and that he’d burned two Starks), however I still get why Jaime kept it to himself and why Brienne didn’t reveal his secret. In a world where most secrets are incriminating I’m fond of the fact that they kept this one.

-The sexual tension, the romance, the unadulterated emotion radiating off the screen at their every interaction makes watching this entire cursed series worth it to me. I don’t care if one or both of them die at this point. I have been narratively fulfilled.

-Brienne being knighted is probably one of my favorite scenes in any piece of media ever. Her beautiful smiling face, Jaime knighting her with his only hand, Pod being there to watch his knight get the recognition she deserves, Tormund clapping and fighting the patriarchy with both hands. It’s so beautiful and the culmination of both hers and Jaime’s journey.

-The whole conversation between Dany and Sansa could have been real,and emotionally fulfilling, since they have more similarities than differences, but it only got real at the end.

-Theon’s open adoration of Sansa and her reciprocation was a welcome surprise. It’s not that I hadn’t considered it, but it still warmed a little piece of my heart not burning bright with joy about Jaime and Brienne.

-I don’t understand why some Jon fans need Jon on the throne. All arguments about the monarchy aside, he clearly doesn’t want it. He knows he had a mother that loved him and didn’t give him up, and now all that he wants is a simple farm life with the occasional bear hunting expedition to spice things. Let my boy be.

-I love Gendrya though I’d have preferred a slightly happier Arya in the aftermath. My baby’s growing up. There’s been a lot of talk about the nudity, and even though I found it a bit shocking (in the sense that I’m used to thinking of Maisie as a child, that she is not) and slightly implausible due to the climate, I’m not that bothered by limited side-breastacle. It wasn’t there to titillate (heh), but to show us Gendry’s reaction to her scars, and his realisation that she’s been through a heck of a lot.

-Are we going to talk about the crypts?? Cause I hadn’t really noticed while watching, but then going over the transcript I was alarmed by the number of times it was referred to as the safest place in Winterfell. And then it all click-clacked like Stark bones coming to life in my head.