Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4 Review

On one of the worst episodes of Game of Thrones ever written, and quite possibly one of the worst episodes of television ever allowed to proudly air as one of a show’s triumphant last, the Starbuck cup was there to distract us from what really mattered: Every problematic element of the show turned up to eleven. 

tl;dw Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4 Recap

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-The pacing has always been an issue. They’re so anxious to get through plot that we barely have time to breath. Gendry’s Lord of Storm End out of nowhere, now he’s proposing to Arya cause he’s in love with her (?) and now he’s getting his heart broken because this couple that has only been together for one day is destined to fail apparently (I’m sure they’ll reunite, but…eh). That’s just one minor plot thread in an episode full of several unraveling, unfulfilling, and unearned moments. (Why make someone who’s only powerful connection is maybe Arya a Lord? Cause we like Gendry? We do, but it still makes no sense.)

-Tyrion and Varys spend an eternity having a tedious argument about the right to rule. Their hypocrisy in choosing aside, there’s my general distaste for the show’s insistence that the monarchy should somehow be upheld and that it be upheld by someone who does not want the position. Not wanting something shouldn’t automatically put you head and shoulders above everyone who’s actually fought for it. Becoming powerful means making hard choices and so does ruling. Jon doesn’t want it because making those decisions is giving him ulcers and distressing his stab tissue. Leave him alone. Also, presenting him as a great leader while at the same time insisting that he would let his wife make all the decisions cause he’s weak is just… BAD.

-They fought so hard to sell the Mad Queen Dany storyline, they truly did. What came off as inconsistent writing earlier, manifests into straight up misogyny. Daenerys just lost her dragon and is told that her best friend is captive. Robb rode South for less. Remember Ned hadn’t been executed yet when he called the banners. Somehow, his decision was just and an appropriate response whereas Daenerys is a CrAZy tArgARyeN. God, Stannis burned his own daughter alive and people bend over backwards to call him the only true king. Daenerys recognized she had to give Cersei an out, even for the image of it all, when literally the tiniest baby in the most remote village knew Cersei was beyond reason. She’s not a terrible ruler, she’s just a bit impulsive.

-This has never been a great show for representation, since they’ve always made things worse the very few times they’ve tried. Killing off the only woman of color would have been a bad look no matter what, and in chains at that. Having her barely speak for most of the season is worst. She got a great final moment, head held high, but it doesn’t make up for silencing what was supposedly a keen woman who truly loved her queen and boyfriend, but was made a plot device in their story.

-Sansa reuniting with Sandor was bittersweet. It happened, and I’m happy I at least have the visual of them smiling at each other and at some sort of peace, but the dialogue? Oh boyyyy. Sansa celebrating her abuse as if it made her and defined her, rather than treating it as something she had the strength to survive through and thrive, is so bad. What was worse for me was the way he brought it up. It was vicious, harsh and almost glorifying it, indulging in it. Boo.

-If you want to know how I feel they adapted the books, take a look at how they had Jon treat Ghost. That’s how. Begone magical creature. We have sword boys to fight.

-I don’t care what anyone says, including canon, Jaime’s off to kill Cersei. He just had to be dramatic about it. And what could have been a wonderfully angsty mid-rom-com split was instead… that.

-I could nit-pick all night, but I do want to sleep.

-Why does Euron Greyjoy exist? Will he ask about how Tyrion seems to know an awful lot about Cersei’s pregnancy? Will he just assume Cersei blogged about it to everyone? Tune in next episode.

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