Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 6 Review

So. One of the biggest cultural events in entertainment has ended. It’s no secret that I don’t exactly adore the adaptation, but it introduced me to a book series I love, led to many interesting conversations and a few bonding sessions with new friends, and made me appreciate storytelling in ways I mayhaps would never have explored.

tl;dw Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 6 Recap

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-Tyrion was on fire this episode, no pun intended. With the exception of naming Bran he had some of the best moments in the finale. He once again turned from prisoner to orator and changer of hearts and minds, he finally stood up to Daenerys in a very public display of dissent, he found the two blond idiots, he straightened those chairs and he for once mentioned the death of Shae as weighing on his conscience even a little bit.

-Jon. Jon Jon Jon JOn. For all their acting ability, poor Emilia and Kit don’t have enough on-screen chemistry to surpass the very rushed romance of their characters. What was supposed to be tragically romantic and epic in scope falls a little flat. It’s also kinda icky what with Jon stabbing her out of the blue and being the last person to completely violate her trust. I’d have set it up as happening after she sat on the throne, cut herself, had the conversation, and as Jon walked away he sighs and turns to stab her, but she actually gets to respond to his action. She topples out of the chair, Drogon breaks my heart all over again, and then he attacks. Jon may or may not get caught in the crosshairs. He may survive because of his Targaryeness (btw yes he’s been burned, so has Daenerys, they’re only fire-proof when it matters to the story). His end was what he as a character would have wanted. He’d always found a kind of peace with the Freefolk’s way of thinking and I’m glad he’s finally at peace with his burly ginger boyfriend and Ghost. (Also pat on the back to me for shipping them since season 5).

-I will never be over how badly the show screwed Dany over and everyone who’s followed her journey and believed in her, audience and characters alike. Bringing up her lack of tears at seeing her abusive brother melt is exactly what I’d expect from the showrunners. Her character’s descent into being a tyrant could have happened and been good. Emilia almost made it good by exceptional acting alone. I don’t think I can add more to what’s been said about Daenerys’ characterization, except to point out that if we’d gotten to the dragon wings through proper pacing I’d have screamed loud enough to be heard by GRRM. It was what the kids call metal af.

-The show’s had a long and sordid history of excusing Jaime’s behavior or straight up not understanding why it’s bad (season 4 anybody?). Out of the show’s context, Brienne writing down his deeds would have made me sob like a little child. What I felt instead was admiration at her strength of character for portraying him in a positive light despite how utterly he betrayed her trust. The memes for this particular scene have been giving me life. Also, I don’t understand why she’s not in Sansa’s Queensguard. Was it cause they desperately needed a woman on the Small Council, or just because she had to be there to write down Jaime’s deeds? Both reasons are meh and make her a celibate warrior woman who can’t know love, which is not what I wanted for her.

-There were many thing I loved about the election of the new King. Asha defending Daenerys. Robyn and the Unnamed Prince of Dorne just sitting pompously looking hot. Edmure making a fool of himself. My goofy headcanon that Bran’s the most ambitious Slytherin since Salazar himself. The Starks standing up for Jon and the North. Tyrion playing to a crowd.

-There were many things I hated. Calling Bran Broken. Bad. Having Asha sit in silence as people mocked Democracy and the North claimed independence. Mocking democracy. How the Unnamed Prince of Dorne was unnamed and didn’t utter a single word. Was that goshdarn Howland Reed? I am livid.

-Sansa getting crowned was emotional. Sansa getting crowned while wearing that dress?! Spectacular! Emotional! I’m sated on symbolism. The weirwood leaves, the fish scales, wolves on her head! <3 <3 <3 The costuming department has always been on point and it means something soft and warm to me that the girl that was dismissed for liking girly things, expressed herself so poignantly through fashion.

-I’m not so sure where I stand on Arya exploring. Out of the Stark children she was the closest to the smallfolk, so I don’t understand why we didn’t get more of that. I’d have loved to see her run Winterfell with her sister. What happened to “the pack survives”? I’m happy that she’s happy though.

-I don’t seem to have the internet’s problem with Bran’s rule. It makes him look very shady in retrospect which I love (though don’t really believe), and anyone who forgets history is doomed to repeat it. He is a good ruler because he’s human with all the capabilities of an AI that knows the entire history of the world as it actually happened. Who wouldn’t want someone like that in charge?

-A big shout-out to the entire cast and crew, who are exceptional and re-defined what television means. Even through all my problems with the writing (and occasionally the lighting :P), every other department shone through and went above and beyond to bring something exceptional to our screens. Many thanks to all of them for their tireless work and dedication.

I may be making a post about what to watch and read now that Game of Thrones has ended. First up I have the finale to Star Trek to do though, so stay posted.

It’s been amazing taking this journey with you. Thank you for all your support and love. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and that you try to make the world around you a slightly happier place as a result.