His Dark Materials Season 1, Episode 6 Review

The Bolvangar episode was aptly named, well contained, and though slightly rushed in its conclusion probably the best episode we’ve seen so far.

tl;dw His Dark Materials Season 1, Episode 6 Recap

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-I have no idea what’s keeping the creators from showing the full-on dread one would feel in that environment. It doesn’t help that the show hasn’t developed a way of presenting daemons to us in a consistent and purposeful manner. Having people walk about without their demons, and the doctor grabbing Pan should have been better communicated as the absolute mortal fear-inducing incidents that they are in universe. So far the only time I feel they’ve successfully shown something off about demons or the way they are handled, is Mrs. Coulter’s treatment of her daemon and the butterfly effect.

-Lyra and Mrs. Coulter’s conversation was a fascinating moment of great acting and interesting writing options. I love Lyra’s childish impulse to say everything exactly as it is, especially if it makes her look clever, and how all that exploded on Mrs. Coulter when she wanted to keep Lyra safe while at the same time extolling the virtues of cutting. There was also the interesting role-reversal of Lyra being the one to “imprison” her mother forcing her to use the vents.

-There was a line about the cut daemon’s not being able to speak that seems to have particular significance, but it doesn’t line up with certain other elements so I’m going to be patient and take everything as it is revealed.

-As with every very powerful creature being used in any story, I have to wonder why Serafina didn’t break into the establishment and free the children herself. It can easily be explained away, I just with someone would.

-In no way do I think that this is the last we’ll see of Lyra, so it cracks me all the way up to see Lee being entrusted with her care, only to see her fall to her inevitable demise only a few TV seconds later. It really embellishes his human disaster persona. (Also liked the minor character detail of him absolutely not taking a liking to Roger).

-Out of the two scientists who do you find to be most morally reprehensible? See they’re both evil, but in my mind the foxy sicko at least thought she was ultimately doing good. The other guy felt that what they were doing was wrong, yet didn’t do much more than feebly protest and go on with his life.

Next week is probs going to be posted with the finale cause I have a paper due next Sunday I haven’t even started :’) I’m sorry and thanks for all your hopes and prayers. If I manage it earlier you’ll definitely get it though.