Westworld Season 3, Episode 1

Another season and the small joy of clicking “I’m not a robot” on imgur while posting every recap has not waned a single bit. (It asked me twice this time!)


Westworld Season 3, Episode 1 Recap

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I loved how simple this season appears to be while still promising intrigue and a few mysteries for us. Viewers can ponder many questions after the first episode, but nothing quite as contrived as in previous seasons. (Both of which I remember vaguely due to time passing and me being too swamped to brush up. Professionalism in these here recaps!)

-Is the big brain working with or against Dolores? It seems unlikely that it’s not aware of her presence, since I’m pretty sure the black and white “anomaly detected” screens are a glimpse into its process. On the one hand, it very much is the status quo Dolores is supposedly against. On the other hand, the production team made sure to dress Dolores in its colors the first time they met.

-Has Dolores changed her tune? She appears to have developed a more nuanced view on religion and insists she’s tired of killing, yet still seems to have some grand plan and kills two people we know hurt her. Which I’m all for, but who is this new version of her?

-Who is the Uncle? The obvious answer would be William, but that’s also kinda boring, no? I have not done a deep dive into theory land about the family. I’m not that invested in the mystery as such, because daddy issues McGee doesn’t interest me that much, and I would rather just meet the man behind the curtain.

-(Daddy issues McGee’s friend on the other hand -the one that looks like Orlando Bloom’s baby brother- promises to be a less reprehensible Logan and I’m all for it. There was more chemistry between him and Dolores in their one interaction than she ever had with younger William, so I’m hoping that’s not the last of them we see.)

-Who is Hale? Can’t be Teddy. Wouldn’t trust Teddy with a boardroom and she hasn’t been killed yet so that’s an obvious answer, but I do wonder what her all-white outfit may be hinting at other than Tessa Thompson’s stunning beauty.

-Were Aaron Paul and Kid Kudi a couple? That’s my burning question of the night and literally the only possible new thing the “old dissatisfied verteran unable to integrate with society who finds himself slowly being drawn back into violence” trope can offer me at this point in time. Loved both of them, as well as Lena Waithe who imbued her few seconds on screen with such swagger I am swooning still.

-Why are they still using the Maeve model?! I know they’re cheap as a company, but that has to be explained to me further. And oh, how I’ve missed her!

I’m working full time in healthcare (yeah), so please excuse recaps being a bit late during this period. Stay safe and be considerate of others! 😉