Westworld Season 3, Episode 2 Recap

This episode had all the qualities of a filler with the only shining exemption being that of the class act called Thandie Newton.

Westworld Season 3, Episode2 Recap

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-I love Maeve. Love to see her figuring out ways to win and succeeding despite entire worlds made against her. This wasn’t it though. Much as I find writers’ obsession with WW2 tedious, there are several tropes that could have been explored. The Casablanca reference was a poor effort to bring a semblance of relevance, but that too fell short. There was no point to setting it in War World. Absolutely no reason was offered beyond “aesthetics”. The production design went above and beyond, but the story just didn’t deliver. Just think how different last season went -drawing parallels between classic Samurai films and old Westerns- and you’ll see just how gimmicky the entire episode feels.

-Hector and Lee’s narratives also fell short of having a purpose. I know that Maeve is the protagonist, however, bringing them both back for this and like this cheapened their stories. It was all resolved almost immediately and wasn’t even presented in a manner that would convincingly hoodwink us into believing that they were “real”. Honestly, the entire episode felt like a bunch of interconnecting cameos that just took us from point A to Vincent Cassel.

-Speaking of segues… I hope he’s the villain and not some kind of gothic hero (or do I?). In any case, I didn’t like his imprisonment of Maeve, both narratively and thematically, though I appreciate a good apple eating scene.

-Bernard and Stubbs’ adventures were amusing -certain personae non grata notwithstanding… more goshdiddlydarn CAMEOS!- and I’m excited to see what their little team comes up with.