Westworld Season 3, Episodes 3 & 4

My schedule these past few days has been as all over the place as the episodes have been, so let’s get a shake on with a couple of points before I’m even later at posting content.

tl;dw Westworld Season 3, Episode 3 Recap

Westworld Season 3, Episode 4 Recap

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-Hale’s Dolores could have been such an interesting journey. It needed at least a couple of episodes to draw us in and create intrigue and conflict. It could have set up the “twist” (yes it’s in inverted commas cause I didn’t like it) in an organic fashion had they even bothered to let the character/s breath. It’s very strange to see her be so gung ho about the plan, when only an episode ago she was lost in the dysphoria. I suppose one could argue that this was Hale pulling Dolores’ more… aggressive side out, but it’s just not organic. Love the golden retriever and shaving moments though.

-I think it’s very amusing that Dolores could have crafted any individual she wanted and instead chose the skins of already established characters. From a Watsonian perspective it makes no sense, since she didn’t even really know Musashi for example, and it’s a very risky move bringing hosts into a world that includes individuals that have encountered them in the past as hosts in a very expensive playground.

-It doesn’t make much sense from a Doylist perspective either. This might have been interesting if the writers pressed pause on the reveal for maybe two seconds longer, but no. Musashi is Dolores, and while it’s nice to think we saw him, it isn’t him! It’s Dolores, and I hope they at least explore how the different skins experience being Dolores differently otherwise I seriously do not understand the entire point of this exercise.

-Can’t wait to find out how on earth Bernard’s plot and continued existence will be resolved. I am perplexed. The only reason for Dolores to want him around is his technical expertise, but still, I don’t know why she doesn’t improve her own functions.

-Westworld’s Palpatine is back and -well- not exactly thriving. The entire season seems to focus heavily on suicide and suicidal ideation, so I wonder if this is going to bare fruits with William. Ed Harris continues to be a delight, but I’m not sure why he’s back aside from his fan favorite status.

-The third episode really showcased the slippery slope that leads to cults, in this case the cult of Dolores, that individuals like Caleb may find themselves blissfully slipping down. Society is messed up, but violent blondes with ideas about revolution that oftentimes involve murder is maybe not the way you want to go. I’m liking him so far.

-Who destroyed Paris?