About Me


You may know me from such recaps as: Chrys watches Game of Thrones, Chrys watches Sleepy Hollow, Chrys watches Teen Wolf, or even Chrys watches How to Get Away with Murder, the only show other than Game of Thrones that I am currently reviewing and recapping for. I am indeed that girl that keeps talking about herself in the third person.

Considering the number of tumblr blogs I currently run and the inconvenience of finding anything on reddit, I decided it was about time to concentrate all the reviews and full recaps on one site, not only for archiving purposes, but also to provide a streamlined rss feed to anyone not wanting to deal with the beautiful mess that is my main blog and the constant barrage of individual stills from my side-blogs.

If you’re a visitor unfamiliar with anything I’ve done (and you’re still powering through despite this tedious introduction about blogs) the only thing you need to know about me is that I enjoy watching shows and movies and then picking them apart.

Think of my reviews as a running commentary of goings on by a kid that likes explosions, crossed with a woman that is tired of seeing the use of certain plot devices and is not afraid to boo in their general direction. You know which ones. However, my passion for complaining dims in comparison to my need to introduce other people to things I love.

This site is going to focus primarily on GoT and HTGAWM, but I’m more than happy to give you my general impression of any another TV series, films, or books. Just send me a message. I can and will go on a half-hour rant about why you should stop what you are doing and go watch Fury Road. Immediately.

-Kisses, Chrys.