• Are you going to do older Game of Thrones episodes?

Yes and no. Except for fulfilling requests made by top-tier patreon supporters, or random episodes during long hiatus periods, when both shows I’m doing are off the air, older Game of Thrones episodes are only going to become a regular thing when a particular patreon milestone is achieved.

  • Are you ever going to start doing Teen Wolf/Sleepy Hollow recaps again?

No. My resolve to not do either of these shows may be slightly less firm in the case of Sleepy Hollow since I am still watching the show, however, as things stand I will not be going back to them.

  • Are the reviews/recaps spoiler free?

For episodes that are just airing, spoilers obviously include everything up to that episode and shouldn’t go beyond any crackpot theories I may potentially have. If I am doing older episodes of shows, or it’s an adaptation (eg Game of Thrones), then expect spoilers up until the last episode aired and book spoilers I try to hide so that only people in the know are aware of them.

  • Have you ever thought of doing reviews/recaps of x?

Yes. This was a really popular question around the time True Detective came back on air, and while I would love to do that and many other shows, the amount of time needed for every episode recap and review is a problem. In the future I am hoping that achieving certain patreon milestones and the potential success of this site will give me the financial independence to expand and do more shows.

  • Wow, you really hate x, don’t you?

Yes, probably. There is fine line between poking fun at something you love and mocking it, but I like to think that it’s obvious when I’m teasing and when I’m expressing extreme displeasure. The reviews are usually a better way to articulate my opinions than the recaps. However, they do tend to be trim and to the point, so if you want more insight into what I was trying to say, just send me a message.

  • You didn’t answer my message. Are you ignoring me?

I don’t want to be that person, but… It’s complicated. My intention is obviously not to make people feel like they were ignored, but sometimes I can’t keep up with my Inbox. I promise I read everything you send (and obsessively go through tags and comments), but I don’t always have time to answer. Thanks for all the messages and I promise to be better in the future.

  • Why are you moving the recaps to imgur? What about tumblr?

Posting long image posts on tumblr is impractical beyond belief. There were times when I spent more than two hours trying to upload everything, just for it to crash. It also causes a lot of problems to people on mobile. Imgur is a much faster platform which is why I’ve decided to stick with it, but fear not, the individual stills will still get posted to chryswatchesgot or my other sideblogs.

  • Is that a reference to x?

99% of the time, yes. I try to avoid just plastering memes and references everywhere, but my love of entertainment, fandom, and the internet usually takes over and I reference anything from Taxi Driver to High School Musical, with more than a few song lyrics thrown in for good measure. Sometimes I even reference myself, either because something has become a running joke or because I’m trying to make it one by sheer force of laziness and self-involvement.

  • How do you come up with everything?

Sleep deprivation and years of being an annoying smartass. Also I’ve read and watched many things written by extremely funny people.

  • Do you hate bulbasaur?

No. For the last time, NO!