Book Challenge: April 2016

April saw me reading more of an author I’m slowly but surely becoming obsessed with (who am I kidding I’m already there), as well as a couple of literary classics in prep for a potential book club with friends. As has been the case since the beginning of the year, I continue to find the second books of all the trilogies and series I have read, to be my favorite. I don’t know what that says about me.

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Book Challenge, February 2016: Exquisite Joy and Despair.

February was a great month for my reading goals, not just because of the number of books I managed to get through, but also thanks to the absurdly high quality of the books. What I appreciate most in story-telling is beautifully fleshed out characters, and this month’s selection offered an abundance of them without skimping on world-building and plot. They are all very different, yet bizarrely similar in the way they focus on duty, agency, personal choice in the face of tradition and systematic oppression, all with a big ol’ helping of political intrigue. All seven handle the less then pleasant subjects of slavery, rape, and child abuse, though oddly enough it’s the book about the prince forced into becoming a pleasure slave that is the least harrowing to read.

This past month I’ve read:

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Book Challenge, January 2016: The Dead, the Living, and the Living Dead.

As some of you are aware, I decided to challenge myself in 2016 and try to read at least 50 books. I had fallen out of the habit of devouring books despite it defining my entire childhood, until a couple of years ago when I decided to read all of Terry Prattchet’s Discworld. It was a very pleasant year of reading, that reignited my passion for the written word. Then a friend insisted I read Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles, going as far as to transport his copies of the books all the way from Switzerland to Greece in order to lend them to me, which pretty much meant that with the addition of Neil Gaiman’s works I had been reading very few books that weren’t fantasy. Wanting to depart from my reading comfort zone, I asked my tumblr followers to send me recommendations and they really came through.

As of this month I have read 5 out of the 50 books, which means I am well on my way to victory.

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