Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 14: The one with the Glorious Karaoke

The episode opens with Abbie singing her little heart out at karaoke and she sounds amazing as well as looking cute. Well, cuter than usual.  The reason for this is that the gang has apparently gone on a double date, and while the two ladies can definitely do better, it’s nice to see them all relaxed and smiling. Ichabod and Hawley don’t have a song. It is understandable that Ichabod doesn’t find his teenage jams in the charts anymore, but I suspect Hawley just doesn’t want to admit he’s a Celine Dion boy.

Nothing good lasts forever on this show and Nick has to go away on business, promising Jenny he’d be back later in the night. Wink wink. Nudge nudge. This business seems to be a surprise visit from a woman names Carmilla, which according to my dash is a creature of the night that fancies ladies. This one seems to have a past with Hawley, a rather unpleasant one judging by the fact that he flinches when she calls him Nicky. Perhaps he just knows that with that name he’ll be forever in the shadow of her Minajesty. This blast from his past wants access to Theodore Knox’s estate.

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